Not your average bar. We serve perfectly hand made craft cocktails and craft beer.


About Us


We create perfectly hand-crafted cocktails for your enjoyment.


There's nothing wrong with being a shot and beer guy/gal, but these days it should be a nice sippin' whiskey and a hoppy IPA.  Modernization has taken over our lives.  Everything has evolved and progressed around us and, thus, so has your palate for libations.  It is your right as a tax paying American to drink good alcohol, gosh darn it.  Plus, your non-hangover will thank you tomorrow.  Grab a drink with us because you can.  You owe it to yourself to taste the fresh ingredients and balance of well executed craft cocktail.





Greg Boose of Huffington Post wrote: Some of us get excited when we see celebrities on the street, pumping their gas, paying their meter or rushing out frustrated from a massage appointment. They’re just like us! Andrew Parish, though, cooly serves them drinks. But he doesn’t just set a cocktail on a napkin and nod and hope for a nice tip; Parish has become one of the go-to mixologists to the stars. The owner and creative director of Beveredge — a mixology catering company — draws up original cocktail menus for some of the biggest events in Los Angeles.

Since his star days, Andrew has brought his talents to OC developing the bar menu for the popular Central Bar in Tustin in 2016.  Next on tap for Mr. Parish.  Dry Society.  Come get a proper cocktail South Orange County!  Prepare to be happily amused.